Chesterfield Bedroom fitting

Chesterfield Bedroom Fitting

With over 18 years experience in fitting bedrooms we aim to please. We can supply & fit cabinets of any size which means we can maximize the space you have. From sliding doors to
R.F.Installations is a growing local business specialising in quality fitted Chesterfield kitchens and bedrooms throughout Chesterfield and the surrounding area.

Chesterfield Bedrooms Ranges and Styles

We offer a wide range of Bedroom style options that will cater for any budget

RF Installations offer a wide range of kitchen options that will cater for any budget. Our main Styles are listed below, please click on the icon to discover more about that specific style.

Bedroom design services

We will create a boutique-quality design taking into consideration your needs.

Even a beginner can easily handle The7’s wast array of appearance customisation options thanks to the Design Wizard feature.

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Contact us now to receive a free consultation about how RF installations can help you with your new Bedroom.

Wardrobe Doors

RF Installations offer a wide range of door styles, all our doors styles are available in many different colours

Explore our ranges of Bedroom styles

We have a wide range of beroom styles available, which can suit any budget,