Sliding wardrobe doors

Made to measure sliding wardrobe doors. Quality sliding Wardrobe doors fitted with soft close. They come with a choice of full panel, half panel split, 3 & 4 panel split. Each section can be the same or different in colour & material. You have a choice of mirrored, coloured glass, wood effect & solid colour panels which can be done in any configuration. These come with our built in wardrobes which will colour match the wood effect & solid colours from the Egger range.

Sliding bedroom doors configurations

Made to measure sliding bedroom doors are available in different configurations, full length panels, half split panels, 3 & 4 panel split all in the same or different colours & materials, mirrored, coloured glass, wood effect & solid colour panels. The panel splits can be done in equal proportions or set to any proportion you choose.

Sliding Bedroom Doors wood effect & solid colours

Made to measure sliding bedroom doors. These are made from 18 mm thick quality Egger MFC boards with a high quality aluminium frame . They come in a large choice of colours from wood effect to solid colours. On the wood grain you have a choice of having horizontal or vertical grain. You can have a full panel in one colour fitted to the doors or we can fit mid rails horizontally, this will give you an option to have different colours on the doors & break it you into different sections. This can be done in equal sections or we can set the mid rails to any height you desire to give a unique look. Coloured glass can also be installed along side the coloured boards to give any desired look.

Sliding Bedroom Door Glass colours

Our sliding bedroom doors come with a large choice of glass colours. These fitted sliding robe doors can be made in any configuration, full single panel door, half panel door split, three & four door split . You can have the sliding wardrobe coloured glass doors split into equally or different proportions & they can be mixed with solid & wood effect colours from Egger & Kronospan MFC.